Dec 2, 2017

GTBank Online Account Opening Procedure

Do you know you can open a GTBank (Guaranty Trust Bank) account right from your home, school, or workplace? The GTBank online account opening procedure is very fast and simple and in no time you would be ready to start sending and receiving money. Gone are the days when one has to visit a bank branch and stand in long queues just to open a bank account. With the GTBank online account opening form, you can now open a bank account anywhere and at any time.

GTBank online account opening

How do you feel when you visit a bank branch and spend hours there waiting for your turn to be attended to? Well, Technology has changed a lot of things and that era has been erased too. Now you can do almost every banking service from your phone and computer in the fastest way possible.

GTBank, in particular, tends to make sure that customers are satisfied with their banking system and are able to carry out banking tasks without stress. This is why they always introduce a new, better and faster medium of banking that would save customers the time and stress of coming to queue up in a banking hall.

Opening a GTBank online account is one of the fastest ways of getting an instant account that allows you transact funds instantly. You do not have to fill long forms of your information before you can get this instant account. All that is required are just some basic necessary details about you and your GTB online account would be opened instantly.

Procedure to open a GTBank online account

There are two methods of opening an online GTBank account. They are:

1. By using the GTBank Online Account Opening Form
2. By using the *737# mobile banking shortcode

Open a GTBank online account using the online account opening form: This is a very simple process and can be achieved in less than 10 minutes.

GTBank online account opening form

Click here to open the GTBank online account opening form and fill in your details, make sure to fill in your BVN if you already have one, else you may have to visit the bank once to get it. Submit the details you filled and wait for your account number (Nuban) to be sent to the phone number you just registered with.

Once your Nuban has been sent you can start transacting safely with your newly opened account with the *737* mobile GTBanking shortcode. This account may have some minor restrictions which may affect the maximum allowed balance, max deposit at a time, etc. All restrictions on the account can be removed by simply submitting a copy of your valid ID Card to the bank.

Open a GTBank online account using the *737* mobile banking ussd code: This is an alternative method for opening an online GTBank account without visiting a bank branch. All you need to do is dial *737*0# and follow the onscreen instructions to set up your account, you would have to fill some necessary information about you. The whole process would surely be done in less than 5 minutes and your Nuban (Account No) would be sent to the mobile number you used in signing up.

How to use GTBank *737# banking

However, in this case, your account number may be the phone number but you just have to wait for it to be sent via SMS to your phone for confirmation. Once received, you can then go ahead and deposit or make a transfer to the account.

Services allowed on this type of account includes:
* Depositing of money for future use
* Transfer of funds to other accounts
* Buying of airtime online
* Purchase of tickets to events
* Booking of Hotels or reservations
* etc.

All the GTBank services listed above can be done via the *737* online banking shortcode without stress. That is the fun of having an online GTB account.

I do believe this post was well explained and can be understood by anybody. Moreover, the GTBank online account opening procedure is very simple and quick to finish. I expect your comments below if you have any problems with any of the methods I talked about, I would also truly appreciate it if you share this post with your friends on social media by using the share buttons below.



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    1. Yeah, it's now very easy to open an account online.

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