Sep 27, 2019

Ipega 9099 Wolverine Bluetooth Wireless Controller Guide

Ipega gamepads are known to be among the best when it comes to choosing controllers for any device and the new Ipega 9099 wireless game controller is no exception to this. The Ipega PG-9099 codenamed "Wolverine" is a Bluetooth wireless controller with amazing features, design, and specifications that makes it stand out from other generic controllers.

Ipega PG-9099 wolverine controller guide

Ipega 9099 Wolverine Gamepad Quick Specs and Features

  • Sturdy plastic body with non-slip grip
  • Stylish gamer design and aesthetic
  • Telescopic phone holder, up to 6.2"
  • LED light on the A/B/X/Y function keys
  • LED light for different connection modes
  • LED light on the Home key
  • Wireless Bluetooth connection
  • Wired USB connection
  • D-input connection mode (Wireless)
  • X-input connection mode (Wired)
  • iCade mode for iOS devices
  • Turbo mode
  • Dual motor vibration
  • L2 and R2 keys with Hall sensor (pressure-sensitive) function
  • Replaceable D-pad plate
  • Vibration feedback on connection changes
  • Long-lasting battery.

My Review of the Ipega PG-9099 (Wolverine) wireless controller

I've had the Ipega 9099 Bluetooth controller since January and I must say it is one of the best controllers I've used after testing different controllers from different brands. 

I currently have three wireless controllers which include the Ipega Wolverine gamepad, the Gamesir T1s, and the Gen Game S3. You may be wondering if the gen game gamepad I have now is the same Gen game S3 that I reviewed on this blog in 2017, well, yes it is.

The Ipega 9099 is a very well-built gamepad, it is packed with lots of features to complement its gorgeous design.

The non-slip handle is also a nice addition, it makes it look even more pleasing to the eyes while it also helps prevent any accidental drop of the controller when you're holding it.

I like the fact that the D-pad plate is replaceable, this gives room for users to replace the factory-installed plate with the alternative plate which is included in the box if they ever wish to do so.

I happen to be among the set of people that would prefer the alternative black D-pad plate to the default shiny plate that has the same silver finish as the trigger and bumper keys.

Ipega 9099 review

If you're a fan of lights, or should I say RGB lights? Be rest assured that the Ipega 9099 controller is out to satisfy you to a good extent.

The white LED under the A, B, X, and Y keys not only adds to the Wolverine wireless gamepad's beauty but also serves the purpose of letting you see the keys clearly when playing at night.

I mentioned RBG, right? well, technically the Ipega 9099 has RGB lights because when the white LED shines from under the colored function keys it reflects off as Green, Blue, Yellow, and Red colors on the A/X/Y/B keys respectively.

It also has a blue light on the Home key, plus 4 blue LED indicators at the top of the home key that indicate the connection modes.

Enough with the looks, let's talk about the more important part of this controller which are the awesome specifications it packs.

I'll start by talking about the dual-motor vibration function that's responsible for the haptic feedback in games. The gamepad also vibrates when it is connected or disconnected from a device, and when the connection mode changes. This is a feature that was absent on the gen game S3.

Wireless controller for Android

Another important feature that was not on the gen game s3 but is available on this Ipega Wolverine controller is the hall sensor on the L2 and R2 keys, this enables the controller to detect how far the keys are pushed and to respond accordingly, a feature that I found useful in many genres of games, especially racing games.

Turbo mode is most useful for shooting games since it allows you to map action buttons to be automatically pressed continuously while you free your fingers or use them to press other buttons. 

The telescopic phone holder is a must-have feature for mobile gamers, hanging your phone on the Ipega 9099 controller while connected wirelessly to it via Bluetooth and playing a game of Dead Trigger 2, PPSSPP, or PUBG Mobile (using a third-party application to map the gamepad buttons) gives you that ultimate hand-held gaming experience that brings along a lot of nostalgic feelings.

I personally do not use the phone holder so much since I mainly use the controller on my PC rather than my smartphone. 

Controller for PUBG Mobile

However, I've used the controller to play PSP's God of War - Ghost of Sparta on my 6-inch screen Redmi Note 5 AI with a case on it, the Ipega 9099 telescopic holder was able to hold the phone without problems.

I believe that the 6.2-inch display size which the manufacturers stated as the maximum that the gamepad's phone holder can hold is correct, though this would depend on how many side-bezels the phone in question has.

A bezel-less 6.3 inches smartphone may fit in while its 6 inches counterpart with very large side bezels may have trouble fitting into the telescopic holder. I would say it all comes down to the phone's width in general rather than the screen size alone.

The Ipega 9099 is on the heavy side among the different controllers I've used, in fact, it is the heaviest amongst all three that I currently have, with the Gen Game S3 being the lightest (almost weightless).

I'm attributing its weight to the dual vibration motors that are placed on both handles of the gamepad, the battery could also be the culprit because it does last very long (over 10hrs on a single charge) and I'm assuming that it would have some kind of weight to it which makes it that efficient.

If you intend to get this controller for mostly gaming on your Windows PC, you should keep in mind that the X-input mode only works when it's connected via USB, wireless connection to a PC via Bluetooth would limit the controller to D-input mode only.

This is not much of an issue for me since I mostly use my controller to play Pro Evolution Soccer games, and the games support D-input controllers with the ability to remap the controller buttons individually.

I, however, have no other choice than to connect the gamepad via wired USB to my PC when I want to play games that only support X-input controllers.

The Ipega 9099 can be used with different gadgets which include Windows computers, Android smartphones, tablets, PlayStation 3, iPhones, Smart TV, etc.

You can connect the Ipega Wolverine gamepad to all of the listed gadgets via both wired USB and wirelessly via Bluetooth, with the exception of the iPhone which I haven't tested this gamepad on, and the PS3 which I've had no luck making it connect via Bluetooth, therefore I only use it via a wired USB connection.

That's all I have to say about the Ipega 9099 Wolverine wireless controller, you can scroll fast down to now to read my verdict on whether you should buy this gamepad or not, and why. Or you could gently scroll below to read on how to connect the Ipega 9099 to various devices for different modes.

Ipega 9099 Wolverine Bluetooth Wireless Controller Connection Guide

How To Connect Ipega 9099 Wireless Controller To Android Via Bluetooth

Step 1: Press and hold both the "X" and Home buttons simultaneously for 2 seconds. The 4 LED indicator lights should start blinking very fast.

Step 2: Go to your phone's Bluetooth settings, turn on Bluetooth, and click on "Pair new device". Your phone will start searching for Bluetooth devices and will eventually come up with one that's named "PG-9099", you should click on that to connect to your Ipega controller.

How to connect Ipega 9099 to Android

Once it has connected successfully the top-left LED indicator (LED 1) would stay lit while others would go off. You can now head over to your game, map the buttons, and start playing.

If you want to play PSP games on your phone you should make sure to use these PPSSPP configurations for a smooth gaming experience.

How To Connect Ipega 9099 Wireless Controller To iPhone/iOS Via Bluetooth

Connecting the Ipega 9099 to an iOS device is pretty much the same steps as when connecting it to an Android as I explained above.

The only difference is that the controller can only be used in iCade mode on iOS devices if you're outside China, buyers in China do not have this restriction.

How To Connect Ipega 9099 Wireless Controller To Windows PC Via Bluetooth

Step 1: Press and hold both the "X" and Home buttons simultaneously for 2 seconds to put the gamepad into pairing mode. When the 4 LED indicator lights start blinking fast you should then move to step 2.

Step 2: I would assume that your laptop has Bluetooth connectivity, else you would need to purchase a Bluetooth dongle and follow the steps in the picture below to connect your gamepad to your PC.

If I'm right and your PC does have Bluetooth then you should over to its settings.

How to connect Ipega 9099 controller to Windows PC

Step 3: When you're on your PC's Bluetooth settings, turn it on and click on "Add Bluetooth or other devices" on "Bluetooth" (Windows 10), your PC will search and find your Ipega gamepad with the name "PG-9099", click on that to connect your controller to your PC.

Once it's connected the top-right LED indicator (LED 2) would stay lit.

Note that by connecting the Ipega Wolverine controller to your PC via Bluetooth the controller would only function as D-input. You should use the wired USB connection method if you want to use the controller in X-input mode.

How To Connect The Ipega 9099 Controller To Windows PC Via USB (Wired)

You can only use the Ipega 9099 controller as an X-input gamepad when it's connected to your PC via USB as I've already stated several times in this article. Follow the steps below to set your controller up in X-input mode on your PC successfully.

Step 1: Connect a micro USB cable to your PC then press and hold down the "Start" button on your Ipega 9099 controller, while the button is still held down you should connect the micro end of the USB cable to your controller.

LED 2 indicator on the controller should light up, which indicates that the controller has been connected to your PC in wired D-input mode, perform the second step below to change it from D-input to X-input mode.

Step 2: While the LED 2 indicator is still lit after performing the first step, press and hold the Home button for 3 seconds or until the LED 3 indicator (bottom-left) is lit.

Your controller is now connected in X-input mode, you can go ahead and play any game on your PC that supports an X-input gamepad (which is over 90% of controller-supported PC games).

How To Connect The Ipega 9099 Controller To A Playstation 3 Via USB (Wired)

Connect a micro USB cable to your PS3. Press and hold down the "Start" button on your Ipega 9099 controller, while the button is still held down you should connect the micro end of the USB cable to your controller.

LED 2 indicator on the controller would light up to indicate a successful connection, you're good to go.

Ipega PG-9099 Technical Specs

Working voltage: DC3.7V
Working current: 30 mA
Charging voltage: DC5V/500mA
Static current: Less than 35uA<35ua div="">
Bluetooth version: 4.0
Bluetooth transmission distance: 8M or less<9m div="">
Battery capacity: 400mAh
Battery uptime on gameplay: 10hrs
Standby time: 30 days on a full charge
USB connector: Micro
Weight: 248g
Dimensions (L x W x H): 6.3 x 4.33 x 1.57 inches

Where to buy an Ipega 9099 Wolverine BT Controller

You can buy the Ipega PG-9099 from Jumia Nigeria through our affiliate link for 8000 Naira only.

The controller at the time of this post sells for between $20 to $28 on Aliexpress, click here to see the current prices on different Aliexpress stores.

Buy wireless controller

What's in the box:

Gamepad x1
D-pad plate1 x1
D-pad plate2 x1
Micro USB cable x1
User Manual x1

My Verdict

If you're wondering whether or not to buy the Ipega PG-9099 Wolverine wireless controller then I have a few things to say to you, after which you should be able to make a better decision.

The controller is a very good buy if you're looking to play lots of Android mobile games, it is also a very good buy if you own a PS3 (even though you can't use it wirelessly).

However, for PC gamers, the fact that this gamepad doesn't support X-input mode wirelessly because it doesn't have a wireless receiver like the gen game S3 and instead connects via Bluetooth is something that may make one double-minded about buying this controller or not.

But the truth still remains that, depending on the types of games you play and how far away you stay from your PC, this controller may or not be the best for you.

I personally haven't had any troubles with it and its lack of wireless X-input feature hasn't really been much of a concern to me since I usually sit close to my laptop to play games, so I don't see it as a big deal to play in USB wired mode.

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Back to the real deal. In conclusion, I'll say, if you're like me that play lots of games with D-input support and sit close to the PC to play X-input required games then I'm advising you to pick up this controller.

However, if you're on the other edge of the bridge, I mean if you're the type that likes to sit a bit far from your PC to play games, you could do either of two things;

1. You could buy a micro USB cord that is long enough to cover the distance that you sit away from your PC
2. You could check other wireless controllers that have wireless 2.4ghz dongles which give them X-input support even when connected wirelessly. Gen Game and Gamesir have lots of controllers in that category that would serve the purpose, you should check them out.

How to play PUBG Mobile with Gamepad

Having used both the Gen Game S3 controller and the Gamesir T1s for over a year, and now using the Ipega PG-9099, I believe there are very noticeable differences between all three of them and we would look into those differences in my next article where I would compare all three controllers.

Watch my unboxing of the Ipega PG-9099 Wolverine controller below

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  1. You're sighted bro. I am glad you liked it

  2. I just purchased this through Amazon Canada and was heartbroken, after following the instructions that came with it, when it wouldn't connect to my smart phone or laptop with windows 10. Thanks to your blog I'm connected by Bluetooth on phone and laptop. Also can use wired on laptop too. A very big thank you to you.

    Jackorama (Mrs. Jackorama to you)

    1. Awwn. I'm delighted to hear that my article was able to help you get the controller connected to your devices, I really appreciate the compliments.

      I hope to keep seeing you on the blog, and please don't hesitate to reach out if you need help on anything tech; I'd be available to help.

      (Confy Scenty to you, Mrs. Jackorama)


  3. Good afternoon, buy this control but I have a problem connecting it to my cell phone (xiaomi redmi note 8) when pressing x + home the remote initially connected directly to the cell phone (4 Led lights flashing quickly (Android mode)) but after a few days of use when doing the same combination (x + start) now light 1 and 4 appear flashing rapidly, in the manual it says it is the function to connect to Windows. I cannot re-enter Android mode. I already gave it to reset with the pin for more than 5 seconds but it remains the same ... Help

    1. I'm currently facing a similar problem on mine. I believe it's a firmware fault with the controller in general. I'm no longer able to properly use the controller because of this issue. Once I'm able to fix it I'll publish an article to help others fix theirs. Meanwhile, you can check our "about us" page for how to reach me.

  4. In windows if you're connected through bluetooth it works as D-input, in that mode the analog buttons R2 and L2 doesn't seem to work as analog, just as simple buttons, doesn't it?.

    1. I guess you're talking about the left and right triggers, and you're asking whether or not they have the pressure sensing feature (hall sensor) when the controller is connected as D-input. Well, I can't confirm this at the moment, but from what I remember, you're probably right. However, I'd have to test it for myself sometime before I can conclude.

    2. Yes, sorry I meant the left and right triggers, in their website they call them R2 and L2 ( ).

      It's very weird that the "hall sensor" works perfectly when is D-input but not through Bluetooth. It's kind of a pain in the ** for me as I use it mainly on the pc that I got on my tv and I'm playing two meters away from it. I'm going to look for and alternative gamepad that supports it.

      It's a pity because the 9099 gamepad is an awesome device for the price they sell it ( apart from that problem ).

      Thank you for your comment

  5. Hi I have buy this ipega controller but I can't manage it to vibrate in the game on PC, I try bt connection (x360ce) and usb connection and enable feedback in game and in x360ce but nothing. I played GTA5 and PES2019 but no feedback vibrations. Can you help me to resolve this and did someone play this games with vibrations on this controller?


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