Sep 23, 2019

All Google Adsense Fast Approval Tips And Tricks

Here I have listed all the tips and tricks you need to get approved fast on Google Adsense and start making money online with your blog or website by displaying Adsense ads.

However, I would start by changing our mindset about the type of people that use or want to use Google Adsense or any other advert network.

Most of the time, the word "Adsense" focuses our thoughts on bloggers as though they are the only ones that make use of it.

I want to let you know that webmasters other than bloggers also make use of this advertising network. Come to think of it, what's the difference between a blog and website because I don't seem to find any, though I'm sure you do and I want to hear it in the comment section.
Google adsense approval process

When monetizing a website by advert placements comes to the mind of a one-time passion blogger (most bloggers initially started blogging with passion or so they say), the first ad network he/she thinks of is usually Google's own ad network - Adsense.

There are many reasons tied to this but the main reasons are because they deliver targeted ads and have a good revenue share.

This network has led the advertising space for many years now and is still leading. I am sure that even after you finish reading this post it would still be leading. So what's the secret? Find out below.

Why Google Adsense Is The Best Ads Network

Google Adsense alternatives

1. Easy To Setup Ads: About 87% of publishers on this platform love it for its ease of setting up ads. It is not like some other ad networks that would require you to edit your html and paste lots of codes before ads start showing.

With Adsense, it is a very simple process and shouldn't take up to 2 minutes to finish installing a new ad unit.

2. One Account For Multiple Sites: This is one thing everyone loves this network for, once you get your website approved you are free to use your ad code on any of your other website or blog that is in compliance with Google Adsense policies without submitting it for review. Other platforms might insist on reviewing any site you own before putting ads on them.

Note: This was the case in October 2017 when this article was originally published but no longer holds true in 2019. You can still use one account for multiple websites however Google would have to review each of the sites after submission.

3. Long List Of Advertisers: Fame brings forth fame, if you don't agree with me you can let me know via the comments. Google is a brand that any internet user isn't unaware of, and by that people trust any service that is delivered by them.

This is why their advert platform is common among publishers and advertisers alike. As a future publisher reading this post, you may think you're the only one searching for the best ad network for your blog but I tell you now that advertisers also search for the best ad networks to give their ads for publication.

The interesting thing is that many of those advertisers end up choosing google's ad program because of the reason I talked about earlier.

4. Friendly And Targeted Ads
: This is the part that makes visitors comfortable with a site irrespective of the fact that it has Google Adsense ads running on it.

The ads shown to users are most of the time useful to them because it is generated from the user's search queries on other sites, or the google search engine and keywords found in the article that is being read.

5. Recognized With A Big Name: Just as I said on number 2, I feel the reason this ad network is the most popular and highly rated around the globe is because of this same thing. Google has a high trust rank among internet users and so would any of its services.

However, excluding the users who join these services because of Google's reputation, there are many others who join because the services are great, services like Gmail and YouTube to mention a few.

6. Fast Payment: If you've used other advert platforms before, then you should understand this part without any explanation. I'm talking about those platforms where you find it difficult to get to the payment threshold, and those that paying you your money even after reaching the threshold is like a tug of war.

Why won't one go for a fast paying network? Everybody wants to be sure of his / her payment, so they choose Google Adsense.

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Now that we've known the reasons that make this ad company stand out, it's time to clear our doubts on what is required to get approved on Google Adsense.

Firstly, if the truth is told, I would say nobody knows exactly what the requirements for getting approved are.

But with days, months or even years of research and testing we've come to find out some necessary things that you can't get approved without or better said - "you would work your ass out to get approved on Adsense without them". which is why I said "nobody knows exactly what you need to do to get your site approved".

It's a good thing that publishers on the Adsense network are trying to help aspiring publishers get approved into the platform. However, some of those publishers end up making matters worse for the aspirants by making a huge list of the requirement that one has to have before he/she's website would be approved.

Those are what I want to talk about here, according to what I have seen published by the exaggerating publishers.

Note that my advice here isn't based on any web content rather it is based on my personal experience and that of my friends.
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Myths About Getting Approved Into Google Adsense That Are False

why google adsense has not approved your site

1. Your website has to have over 20 articles; Sorry, but I do not think this was well said. At least I'm sure it is not just any article but quality ones within a particular range of words.

The truth here is that you can get approved into the platform with just 10 well written, unique and worth reading articles. You might even get approved with less, depending on your niche.

2. Your domain has to be over some months old; I disagree with this one. It is not that you can get approved with a one-day-old domain but I am sure you can be approved before we start counting months (I got approved with a three weeks old domain).

India and China have an exception to this (, though most of them still get approved before getting to the 6 months waiting period.

3. It's easier to get approved with a Blogspot site than with a custom domain; I won't say I don't agree with this rather I would say it's old info that may have worked. Now it isn't that way anymore, rather the reverse seems to be the case.

4.  Having a domain-specific email address is a trick to help you get Adsense approval quickly; Haha... Lots of publishers had said this in the past and many newbies read up those articles and started struggling to get what they refer to as a "professional email address".

Harsh Agrawal of ShoutMeLoud also said this in his blog but came back sometime later to announce that the trick doesn't work.

5. Your domain should have a good Alexa rank to get approved; There is no truth in this. What has Google Adsense got to do with your Alexa ranking? Mind you, Alexa isn't a Google service, so it does not depend on it for anything.

6. The traffic your website receives could boost your approval; No..No...No. The traffic your website receives is not the primary factor for approval when it comes to Google's ad network, though it does with some other networks like Yahoo's

However, it's advisable that you get a couple of viewers before applying for Google Adsense.

7. You need to have at least 10 posts on each of your labels; I was like "Do you mean it?" when I saw a blogger that posted this on his blog. I couldn't help imagining how many persons that may have been deceived by that post.

That is why I am letting you know here and now that the number of posts on a label doesn't matter even to a percent in getting your website approved.

There are many other things bloggers claim could speed up your approval process and others too which they say could hinder you from getting approved. Many of those are just lies while others used to be true but are now obsolete.

These are the only ones I was able to remember. If you've read up any weird Google Adsense approval condition from any website you shouldn't hesitate to drop it here so those who are into the platform would clear your doubts about it.

With us now knowing what isn't compulsory for getting approved, the next question on our minds would be "What really matters?".

Below are what worked for me and many other people, work towards them and you would be really close to getting your website approved for Google Adsense.

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10 Things That Really Matter To Get Approved Into Google Adsense

trick to get approved on google adsense

1. Unique and Quality Posts
: It's an undeniable fact that you may never get approved if you don't deliver articles that can make an impact.

Your articles should teach what has not been taught by a different article, else you get the "Insufficient Content" disapproval email.

2. Setup these essential pages: There are essential pages you need to have on your blog or website before applying, these pages are the "About Us" "Contact Us" and "Privacy Policy".

You can create the privacy policy page with an online tool but make sure you state things you would abide by.

From my experience, a website with a real personality on the about us page and a phone number than a contact form on the contact us page tend to get approved quickly.

3. Make your website responsive and easy to navigate; It is no longer a new thing that the design of your blog may decide your acceptance into the Google Adsense platform or not. So it is advisable you use a responsive theme and design that suits your niche.

It would also not do you any harm to add a Sitemap page to your blog, in order to avoid the "Page type And Design" disapproval mail.

4. Don't apply with a single post: Though we are yet to know the least number of posts that are sufficient to get approved, it is best you have some couple of high-quality posts before you apply.

5. Make sure your niche is acceptable; There are lots of topics you could be blogging on that may never get approved.

Topics that show sexual content or hacking and cracking tutorials may never get approval on Google Adsense. You can view the complete list from the link

6. Make sure you're 18+: This isn't conditional, you can never get approved if you're under 18. So you had better wait till your 18th birthday or ask your parent or guardian to apply for you.

7. Blog with a supported language: There are few languages that are not yet supported in the program, below are the supported languages graph from Allbloggingtips.

AdSense supported languages

8. Apply with a custom domain; There's a chance you might get approved quickly since your website URL would look better on a custom domain than on Blogspot.

You would also be able to place your ad code on any other website, rather than getting approved on a blogger domain that can't be used on any top-level domain website.

9. Do not apply while using another ad network on your website: It would cost you much to get approved with other network ads showing on your website.

Though there are ad networks you can use simultaneously with google adsense, but that should be after you must have been approved.

10. Don't get traffic from bots: If you get traffic from bots, there is a 98% percent chance you won't get approved and even if you do, you would be banned before you could finish saying "Jack Robinson".

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Special Tip: Make sure you state in your privacy policy, that your website uses cookies for advertising and give an option with which users could opt-out if they desire to do so. It is one of the things Adsense mentioned to be necessary for approval.

Those are the things I have found out that work for getting approved into the Google AdSense.

Even with those requirements put in place, there are other things that may hinder or slow down your approval, they are:

1. Your Blog Niche (It is very easy to get approved on some niches and a lot more difficult on others)
2. Your Country Of Application (Countries like the US and the UK get approved quicker than countries like Nigeria or India).
3. Past Adsense Record Of A Family Member (You may receive an email that you already have an approved account if your details match exactly with that of another publisher).

Wow! That has been a long read of tips and I am sure if you implement them correctly you would be back here soon to announce your Adsense approval.

Meanwhile, you shouldn't fail to read this tip on how to protect your google adsense from a ban, else you might just lose the account as soon as you get it.

Thank you for making out enough time to read this. All that is left is for you to share it on your social media pages and tell me what I missed via the comment box.



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